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We are a fully mobile service repair company specializing in iPhones, iPods, and iPads. We come to you! Saving you time and money alone the way, while providing exceptional customer service.

"Excellent job on my iPhone and iPad. Came to my house and phone was fixed in no time. Curtious, fast, reliable!! I would recommend Apple Crack Repairs to everyone! Thanks again!"

       -Andrea Christiansen


Components Inside of Mobile Phone


Over 6 years ago my iPhone power button stopped working and I had the choice of buying a new iPhone or trying to repair it.  I took that chance and had a successful repair.  When the word got out that I was able to fix iPhones I had family and friends constantly asking for repairs. My popularity and reputation grew over time.  I quickly realized that other repair shops were displeasing their customers by providing repairs with low quality parts and charging high prices.  I understood what it was like to be one of those customers and I felt that people deserve better service for their expensive devices.  I knew I could provide better service and so in March of 2015 Apple Crack Repairs was formed.  Within the past few years my company's reputation has grown strictly through referrals from thousands of repairs.  Customers are treated like family and their devices are treated as if they were our own!  This is what you should expect in a company and I will not settle for anything less.


                             -Paul Zahra

                              Owner & Technician 



The highest level of professionalism with quality replacement parts at the lowest prices! 


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